Russian Language Center of PSTU


The Russian Language Center of St. Petersburg State Transport University offers foreign citizens testing, express-coursesand classes at the preparatory department


We provide group or individual training at any level, from courses for beginners to classes for advanced learners. 

Our courses are flexible: can be from 1 week to 1 year. The cost is very reasonable

Our teachers are highly qualified professionals speaking foreign languages, are friendly and enthusiastic, and always ready to help you improve your Russian. 

Our location is very attractive – we are in the centre of the most beautiful city in Russia!

We are located near metro station in the historical center of St. Petersburg, near the Peter-and-Paul Fortress and the State Museum of Political History of Russia and in 15 minutes walk from the Hermitage. 

You can stay at the University dorms located in the same building. 

Our address: 

7-A, Bolshaya Posadskaya st., St.   Petersburg, Russia,Russian Language Center

Contact us at:


Phone/fax: (812) 232-61-67

Head of Russian Language Center:
Yulia Victorovna Strelchenya
Resource specialist of Russian Language Center:
Elena Igorevna Stepanova, Senior lecturer

The three main branches of activities of the Russian Language Center are as follows:


In the Russian Language Center you can take your examinations and, after passing them, get the certificate showing your level of Russian language competency. The Russian Language Center of St. Petersburg State Transport University is authorized to hold standard Tests of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL). 

TORFL is the system of language proficiency evaluation supervised by The Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation. It is designed as part of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and is inserted in the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE). Subsequent to the results of the test the corresponding certificate of Russian Federation state standard is issued (TORFL-1, TORFL-2, TORFL-3, TORFL-4). 

St. Petersburg State Transport University holds the TORFL tests and the tests for those who apply for Russian citizenship and issues corresponding certificates. 


Preparatory department

This is a one year program designed to prepare foreign citizens for entering Russian Universities. We teach students from China, Iraq, Tunisia, Ethiopia and other countries. 


The program provides an intensive course of Russian for beginners and lessons on grammar, vocabulary and style needed for further education in a chosen specialty. Preparatory classes on various subjects (Economics, Geography, Physics, Mathematics, etc.) are given to students by the lecturers of PSTU in the second term. 


At the end of the academic year students are able to communicate in Russian and are ready to understand lectures in Russian.


Graduates of the preparatory department receive certificates required for entering PSTU or other Russian Universities.




They are intensive programs for students of different levels and different nationalities, both group and individual, for different periods of stay. We use the most up-to-date communicative methods in order to develop necessary skills and adequate speech reactions in different speech situations. 

Changing the basic program is possible and sometimes even necessary. Speaking and grammar material can vary to meet your personal requirements. 

Accommodation and education costs

Prices are given in Euros according to currency rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as of the date of payment.

   I.1. Group classes for BEGINNERS in groups of preparatory department (in case of availability of a group relevant to your language level), 8 weeks and more





(2-4 students)



(5-8 students)



(1 month)





60 academic hours 


80 academic hours 


270 euros



I.2. Group classes - BASIC/INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED LEVEL,1 month and more






(2-4 students)



(5-8 students)



(1 month)




56 academic hours 


80 academic hours 


420 euros




48 academic hours 


64 academic hours 


360 euros




40 academic hours 


56 academic hours 


300 euros



II. INDIVIDUAL classes, 1 week and more




Intensity of studies


Price (1 week)


Super intensive


20 academic hours 


300 euros




16 academic hours 


240 euros




10 academic hours 


150 euros


1 hour


1 academic hour


15 euros







1 month


24 hours


Accommodation  in university dormitory*

(rooms  for 2-3 persons in a two-room apartment)


from 120 


23 euros


  * The University dormitory is situated in the same building as the Russian Language Center in the historic downtown at Gorkovskaya metro station. Next to the dormitory are the University sport center, University cafeteria, a grocery and a drugstore.  



The overall cost of the preparatory department program includes:





Education  during 1 academic year (2 terms):


2700 euros


Accommodation  in the university dormitory (1 month):


100 euros


Medical insurance (for 1 year):


2500-3000 RUB


Invitation* for education at PSTU of the Ministry of  Railways of the Russian Federation





*To  issue the invitation for entry to the Russian Federation the following  documents are to be sent by email ( or by fax (812) 232-61-67:

-  letter in Russian or English with the date and time of your arrival and your  personal data (first name, last name, postal address, contact e-mail &  phone number);

-  copy of your passport/




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